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The Realms Need You

Your Awakened heroes must harness their newfound powers. Take them through portals between realms to stop the ruthless onslaught of the Tempest, the universe's ultimate evil!

Your Heroes Shape The Universe

When you play Suzerain your heroes’ actions may be immortalized in future editions, becoming canon lore! Your games can impact players around the world, forever changing our shared multiverse.

Worlds Of Unparalleled Depth

Sling spells against the corrupted Queen of dragons. Drive like Mad Max through post-apocalyptic wastelands. Defeat a megacity overrun by cyberpunk Vampires! Suzerain puts 20 years of world-building at your fingertips!

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"Suzerain (is) a wonderful complement to Savage Worlds... I'm pretty high on this product."        Ron Blessing  

Community Manager, Pinnacle Entertainment Group

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Bring The Hope. Be The Hero.

The core book for our new edition brings:

* An ENnie award-winning meta-setting

* A 192 pages, full color art, hardcover book

* Over 50 new Edges and Hindrances

* A new advancement rank - Demigod

* A player-driven shared universe

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